Cedar Mill League

Team 12808 RevAmped Robotics and 12599 Overcharged would like to welcome you to the Cedar Mill League!

Key information

UPDATE: 12/06
League Meet 3

Congratulations to Piece of Pi for winning all 10 matches so far!

Meet 3 will be the final meet for our league after which all teams will progress to the League Tournament (FIRST Tech Challenge League Tournament-Hillsboro-#4-LgeQT-Jan26) to be held at Hillsboro High on Jan 26th. Please watch for future updates from Cathy.

Live Scores – https://ftcscores.com/event/vhqkCHID

Live Streaming – https://www.twitch.tv/sparktecheducation

UPDATE: 11/16
League Meet 2

In prep for tomorrow (Saturday Nov 17th), just a few quick reminders…

  • Check-in desk will be ready by 12:45PM. Please check-in and be at your table by 1PM. Lost and found items from the last meet will be at the check-in table – please pick it up
  • Robot and Field inspection starts @ 1PM. Please make sure to complete the self-inspection before going to the inspection station – even better, complete it in your garage before coming here. We want to be done with all inspections by 1:45PM
  • Drivers meeting right after inspection. 1:45PM @ the robot inspection area. Will announce as soon as things are ready – might be sooner too. And remember, only one member attends this and passes along the message from the Head Referee to others
  • While we will have live scoring enabled, paper scores are final and official record. While FTC Scores is enabled, the results will be posted a day later after the results have been cross checked/ verified
  • As in the previous league meet, each team will get to play 5 matches that count
  • And at the end, need your help cleaning up – please take what you brought in and if you see any garbage on the floor or anywhere, please help get rid of it – helps the tear down crew wrap up quickly

UPDATE: 11/03
League Meet 1

  • Check-in Time: 12:45 – 1pm and be at your pits
  • Robot and Field inspection starts @ 1pm (Please do remember to do a self-inspection before going in for the final inspection)
  • Driver meeting will be @ 2pm and the qualification matches start right after that

Each team will get to play 5 matches and after three league meets will have played 15 matches. The top 10 scores will count towards the league ranking.

UPDATE: 10/24

Team Roster: Please bring a PRINTED COPY of your team roster to EACH League Meet. This is crucial to being able to participate in the events.

Self Inspection: Please remember to complete a self-inspection prior to coming to the event. If you are unsure, don’t worry! Just place a question mark by that row – the inspectors will help you out.

National Registration: If your team isn’t nationally registered, you cannot participate. Please make sure to be nationally registered! Contact Cathy Swider if you have any questions about this.

Payment: Please pay your league fees prior to coming to competition – contact Cathy if you have any questions about this.


When: Saturdays, Oct 27 (Meet 0), Nov 3 (Meet 1), Nov 17 (Meet 2) and Dec 8 (Meet 3), all from 1pm – 5pm

WhereChrist United Methodist Church, 12755 NW Dogwood St, Portland, OR 97229. There is plenty of parking, and street parking if necessary. Please enter the venue through the main entrance at the back of the building.

Food: As the League Matches start @ 1 PM and expect to be over by 5pm, we are expecting everyone would have had their lunch before coming here. Also, the ENTIRE campus of Christ UMC is PEANUT FREE. Water is fine, but no food or drink in the church please.

Safety Glasses: Because of our unique layout, safety glasses are going to be required in most of the venue. Please remember to bring your own – we will not be providing them. If your team does not have them in any meet, we will wait for a team member/mentor to bring/buy them before checking you in.

Schedule: We will be starting each event @ 1 PM sharp. Expect each team to get 5 matches per meet – depending on conditions, this number may decrease. There will be no tournament brackets or judging in the league meets. 

Robot/ Field Inspection: All robots will go through a full inspection, just like you would at the State Championship. Each team should do a complete self-inspect of their robot at your garage before coming to the league play – this not only helps speed up the process, it also helps teams understand what robot/ field inspectors would be looking for. Do remember there is a new requirement this year – the robot should weigh 42lbs or less.

Volunteers: We are still recruiting volunteers to help run the event.  With team parents from our teams, we should be able to support many of the needs; however, the one key role where we can still use another volunteer (who cannot be affiliated with any team) is for Referee. Please work with your contacts to see if there is anyone who has served as a Referee in the past, or would like to become one. Please send an email to the League Manager (email below) if this is the case.

If you are planning to volunteer, please register at the FIRST website (www.firstinspires.org) and select our League (filter using FTC, Oregon and CHRIST). If you are a first-time volunteer, FIRST will run a quick and simple background check before assigning you to the league. In addition, in League Meet 0, we will conduct an onsite robot/field inspector training for those wanting to be robot or field inspector. Key volunteer/ technical roles do have a certification requirement through Schoology– those details will be sent to you once you register to volunteer.

Charging Batteries: Since there are very few electrical outlets in our facility, there won’t be power run to your Pit Table.  Instead, we plan to have two charging stations where you will bring your batteries and a power strip for charging.  Please make sure your items are labeled.

What to Bring (this is a partial list, will be updated)

Teams MUST bring PRINTED copies of the following items to all FTC League Meets. Teams will provide these items at check-in or inspection:

  • Official Team Roster printed from the mentor’s FIRST Dashboard
  • Completed Consent and Release Form for each student or mentor who has not completed the consent forms electronically
  • Robot Inspection Checklist with the Team column completed
  • Field Inspection Checklist with the Team column completed

Labels: Please label anything you bring so that it is more likely to make it home with you after the event.  For example:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Batteries for robot and a power strip to plug them into
  • Driver Station and Robot Controller and corresponding charging units
  • Laptop for programming
  • Spare parts/tools to use to make repairs to your robot in the Pit

If you have any questions, please contact our League Manager:

Nagesh Rao
Cell:  503-893-9624