Our Robots

We took up the Robot in 30 Hours challenge right after 2018-19 season game was revealed at the FTC kickoff on Sept. 8, 2018.

This season’s game is called Rover Ruckus. In this challenge, our robot has to explore the uncharted planets and collect silver and gold minerals at the core. The individual tasks include Landing, Sampling, Claiming Zones, Collecting and Depositing minerals, Latching and Parking in designated spaces on the field.

2018-2019 - ROVER RUCKUS

Robot in 30 hours

Autonomous Period
  • Landing
  • Sampling
  • Claiming
  • Parking
Driver-Controlled Period :
  • Gold Mineral in Gold Cargo Hold
  • Silver Mineral in Silver Cargo Hold
End Game Scoring:
  • Robots Latched
  • Robots Parked In Crater

Ri30H was a challenge in which we designed, built, and programmed a robot for Rover Ruckus, all in a span of 30 Hours.

After studying the bot and learning from it’s weaknesses, we are ready to fine tune our designs and come out even stronger!

2017-18 Relic Recovery

King Cobra

  • 10 second relic
  • 9 second Cycle Time
  • 3 second field traversal
  • 2 second auto balance
  • 1 second Jewel knocker
  • 638 points!

King Cobra's Key Features

Relic Mechanism

  • Grab relic by base –single axis of motion
  • Claw design allows relic to “slide” onto mat before depos-iting – consistently upright
  • Self-correcting mechanismthe other end
  • 12—14 Glyphs, both positions

Consistent 2 upright rel-ics, zone 3, <30 seconds

Glyph Collector

  • Continuous Intake
  • Spring Loaded Wheels & Asymmetrical Pusher Door Collects glyphs at all angles
  • Collection from one end & Delivery from the other end
    12—14 Glyphs, both positions
12—14 Glyphs, both positions

Jewel Arm

  • Blockers prevent jewel from rolling into Cryptobox
  • Combination of Color sensor and OpenCV allow for quick jewel detection
Score jewel in <1 sec!

Mecanum Drive w/ Traction Wheel

  • 2:1 ratio for fast traversal
  • Raised traction wheels give additional grip on balancing stone
Entire field traversal in less than 3 seconds!

King Cobra's Capabilities

115 pts
3 Glyphs
Key Column

End Game
130 pts
2 Relics (Zone 3), Upright;

Driver Controlled
154 pts
Near or Far

Our Accomplishments

World Championship

Compass Award Winner (Zhunquin Wang)
Click here for video!
Control Award Finalist

West Super Regional

Finalist Alliance
OPR: 324
2nd overall coming into the Houston Championship!

Oregon State Championship

Finalist Alliance Captain
Design Award 2nd Place OPR: 305
1st in Oregon, 4th coming into the West Super-Regional!

Super Qualifier

Winning Alliance
Design Award
OPR: 230
3rd in Oregon!