Inter-League Qualifier – R2D2 & BB-8

Welcome to Inter-League Qualifiers, SKYSTONE season!

RevAmped Robotics, in association with Hillsboro High is proud to host the inter-league qualifier for the second year!

Hope you all have a fun and successful season!

Live Streaming & Scores

R2D2 Inter-League Qualifier Results

BB-8 Inter-League Qualifier Results

R2D2 Teams

BB-8 Teams


Saturday, January 11, 2020. 8:00am – 6:30pm. Check-in 7:30am

Hillsboro High School
3285, SE Rood Bridge Rd.
Hillsboro, OR 97123 – Map

What to Bring

Teams MUST bring PRINTED copies of the following items. Teams will submit these items at team check-in.

  1. Official Team Roster printed from the coaches FIRST Dashboard
  2. Completed Consent and Release Form for each student or mentor who has not completed the consent forms electronically (prefer electronic – let’s save some portion of a tree)
  3.  Engineering Notebook
  4.  Control Award submission if you are planning to submit one

Other Items (Please label anything you bring so that it is more likely to make it home with you after the event)

  • Safety Glasses
  • Drive pins (2 driver, 1 coach, 1 human player)
  • Alliance markers (Game Manual 1, section 7, RG06)
  • Capstone (Game Manual 1, section 7.4)
  • Batteries for the robot and their chargers
  • Driver Station and Robot Controller and corresponding charging units
  • Laptop for programming
  • Spare parts/tools to make minor repairs to your robot if required
  • Safety Glasses (already mentioned? Well, quite important – please don’t forget)

Robot/ Field Inspection

  • All robots will go through a full inspection, full compliance expected
  • Do a self-inspect at your garage using the robot and field checklist available on the FIRST website. It helps speed up the process and you will know what to expect
  • We are going digital – no paper copies of checklist will be available. Bring your self-inspected one if you would like the inspector to make any notes for you
  • Alliance Markers – remember to bring one. No alliance flag. Game Manual 1 (section 7.3.1, RG06)
  • DS and RC app versions must match (Game Manual 1, section 7.3.4, RS06). Current version is 5.3 (minimum version is 5.2)

Charging Batteries

Since there are very few electrical outlets in the facility, there won’t be power run to your Pit Table. Instead, there will be multiple charging stations where you will bring your batteries and a power strip for charging. Please make sure your items are labeled.


Space / tables are limited. Please be gracious and share table space.

A big thank you to all our volunteers. Events are only possible because of them!

We still need many volunteers. Please sign-up and help.

  • Team and Volunteer Check-In
  • EMCEE and Game Announcers
  • Queuers and Pit Runners
  • Practice Field Monitors
  • Judge Room Monitors
  • Hospitality Crew
  • Field Reset
  • Robot and Field Inspectors
  • Referees and Judges – adult volunteers with no team affiliation


  • All updates communicated using a league distribution list
  • Question that benefits whole league – email distribution
  • Individual question or concern, or want to add another member to distribution list, email Nagesh

Contact Info

Tournament Director

Nagesh Rao
Mentor – Team 12808, RevAmped Robotics
Cedar Mill League Manager
[email protected]
Cell: 503-893-9624

Co-Tournament Directors

Terry Alexander
Silicon Forest League Manager

Jacqueline Gault
Rose City League Manager